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Hello, I'm Tracy

Thank you for visiting my page!

Hey y'all, I'm your go-to gal for everything horse tack, wellness tips, and digital marketing wizardry, straight outta Georgia.

At the heart of my venture, lies a deep-seated passion for our four-legged friends, the magic of the great outdoors, and a life well-lived, free from the reins of Big Pharma and cookie-cutter careers.

Juggling roles as a Marketplace Coordinator, social marketer, and the proud owner of a mobile tack shop, I'm all about empowering folks to take the reins of their own lives, whether that's through a gallop in the countryside or harnessing the power of the digital age.

Here's to living life on our own terms, one hoofprint at a time.

My Mission

Empowering vibrant lifestyles through the joy of horses and dogs, the love of nature, and the journey to wellness.

At Tracy, we're dedicated to curating quality equine supplies, fostering sustainable living, and sharing innovative wellness solutions.

From tack to health tips, every product and piece of advice is chosen to energize your lifestyle, enrich your environment, and embrace the freedom of remote work.

We celebrate the spirited entrepreneur in each of us, championing self-care, natural wellness, and the power of a vibrant community.

We're here to inspire and support our community in embracing a fulfilling, healthy life. Join us in leading the way to a more joyful, balanced, and empowered life, one ride, one stride, and one smile at a time.


Galloping Towards Wellness

A Horse Lover's Guide To Fitness & Nutrition

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